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Matters of mobility seminar

Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Research report - Road infrastructure, market access and regional economic development

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, France

Working paper forthcoming

Public finance of autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles

Tinbergen Discussion Paper / TRIP Publication

Cost-benefit forecast and practitioner's guide for autonomous vehicles

Policy Network, London, UK

Press release / Publication

The economics of autonomous vehicles making the benefits count for everyone

Policy Network, London, UK

Press release

Research report about the vulnerability of elderly pedestrians

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Paris, France


Strategy consultant urban development and transport

Consorcio Valencia 2007, La Marina de Valencia, Spain

Press release / Report / Executive summary

Econometric study and cost-benefit analysis of public transit

Rotterdam municipality and Kennis voor Klimaat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Press release / Publication

Report on the impact of adverse weather on travel demand and road accidents

TNO for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Delft, The Netherlands
Summary / Publication

Research paper on the cost and management of road accidents

Dutch Ministry of Transportation and TNO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Position on autonomous vehicles in rural areas

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Research paper on road congestion and public transit

Option program of the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Working paper / CESifo Working Paper

Article that analyses public transit strikes and its consequences

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Press release / Publication

The importance of reducing hyper congestion

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Summary / In progress

Economic and econometric assessment tourism satisfaction

Consorcio Valencia, Spain

In progress

Strategy consultant urban development and research strategy 2018

Consorcio Valencia, Spain

Press release / Full version (English) / Full Version (Español)

Strategy consultant urban development and transport 2017

Consorcio Valencia, Spain

Press release / Report / Full version (Español)

Road supply curve estimation and marginal external congestion cost

Preliminary Draft

Research report on benefits of public transit

Discussion paper / JUE Publication

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